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Splendid Rubber Products (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:고무 O 링, 고무 세탁기, 고무 다이어프램, 그로밋, 의료용 실리콘 고무 가스켓
No. 2 의료용 고무 부문 빠른 응답 시간Total staff (483)Annual export US $12,000,000Total floorspace (42,511㎡)Global export expertise
Splendid owns two factories in both Shenzhen and Wuzhou City, shares area of total 40000m²and has 521 employees together. With the development of 25 years, Splendid becomes to specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing tooling and rubber products for O-ring, washer, grommet, diaphragm and custom rubber gaskets which applied in sealing valves of oil, air, water and buffering.
Splendid invested in advanced equipment, such as CNC machines, auto molding machine, material mixers and cutters, hardness tester, rheometer, aging tester, tensile strength machine, UTP automatic projector, DOSS & UTP automatic sorting machine.
Splendid has KTW, WRAS, NSF certification for EPDM 70 Peroxide Cured and UL certificate for NBR 70. We have an extensive selection of materials available to meet ASTM, JIS, DIN, NSF and other specifications. Splendid is IATF16949 registered factory which promise a higher level of quality system. PPAP, control plan, FMEA are also available upon request.
Splendid has dust-free level 100,000 workshop to manufacture sealing parts for food, sanitary and medical sealing devices.
Good quality and service has developed Splendid to be a leading manufacturer in the line of rubber products and our products have been enjoying great popularity both home and abroad because of high quality assurance.
ISO13485 IATF16949 Certified factory